Transparency Tools

RAND Hospital Price Transparency

The RAND Hospital Price Transparency Studies are comprehensive reports that are part of an ongoing employer-led initiative to measure and report publicly the prices paid for hospital care at the hospital and service-line level. RAND Reports provide a comparison of what the employer pays for hospital services compared to the price Medicare pays that same hospital and provider for the exact same services.  Employers can use the information in this report—together with knowledge of their own employee populations—to decide if the prices they and their employees are paying align with value.

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National Academy for State Health Policy Hospital Cost Tool 

The National Academy for State Health Policy’s (NASHP) Hospital Cost Tool (HCT) dashboard aims to provide state policymakers and researchers with analytical insights into how much hospitals spend on patient care services, and how such costs relate to the hospital charges (list prices) and actual prices paid by health plans. The dashboard reports on a range of measures for hospital revenue, costs, profitability, and break-even points across over 4,600 hospitals nationwide for the period from 2011 through 2019. The dashboard offers options to view data at the hospital, state, and health system levels. 

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Sage Transparency

The Sage Transparency hospital value dashboard gives users access to price and quality data for thousands of hospitals across the United States.  It is an interactive, customizable dashboard which displays data from a variety of sources in an easy-to-understand way.  Sage integrates data from public sources and proprietary sources. 

RAND 4.0 – Prices paid by employers & insurers

NASHP HCT- Commercial breakeven price

CMS hospital Star Rating- Quality ratings

Turquoise Health-Prices posted by hospital

Quantros/Healthcare Bluebook-Quality ratings

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