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Hospital prices have increased at a higher rate than the consumer price index, wages & inflation

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Average total premium for family health coverage

This is a Crisis

Texas employers and families are suffering at the hands of expensive and unsupportable healthcare. Large and small employers have tried to negotiate but have failed as no employer in consolidated hospital markets has enough consumers to influence price change.

Now is the time for Texas Legislators to act and enact policy changes that will have a real, and measurable impact on their constituent family’s lives.



Prohibit anti-competitive practices in contracts between health plans and hospitals.

Specifically this includes the elimination of gag clauses, most favored nation clauses, anti-tiering clauses and anti steering clauses, and other as the legislators deem fit, e.g., non-compete clauses.


Prohibit anti-competitive billing practices such as site-neutral payments.

Site neutral payments allow doctors within a hospital system more regardless of the facility in which care was administered simply by being a part of the network. This is practice is anti-competitive and further increases healthcare costs.


Research APCD claims by qualified entities.

Prohibit any barriers in the Texas All Payer Claims database from employers requesting their data be used in future RAND hospital transparency projects.

Anti-competitive practices raise cost of healthcare for Texas employers and families.

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Who We Are

Texas Employers for Affordable Healthcare is a 501(c)(4) established to mobilize employers, families and other healthcare stakeholders across the state to rein in the excessive prices paid for employer-sponsored healthcare for almost half of all Texans and almost 14 million people. To increase transparency, prohibit anti-competitive contracts and billing, and increase oversight on consolidations and mergers.


We represent over 125,500 employees that contribute $2,250,000 to the health care industry every year.

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